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Art classes and Language Learning - Part 2

Click here if you missed last week's intro.

Continuing the series, today we’re sharing two more tips for Language Learning inspired by our weekly bilingual drawing lessons.

(For tips 1 & 2, click here)

3. It’s ok to make mistakes!

This is a really tough one for us to accept! When we’re trying to create a drawing, it’s very easy for the result to come out differently from what we intended. Our gracious teacher and guide, Janeth, always reminds us that the process of creating art is NOT to reproduce what we’re seeing in the most realistic way possible - “That’s what cameras are for!” she says. And it’s true, it is the so-called “imperfections” that create uniqueness and an unexpected result. It is important for us to accept the fruits of our labor and, just as importantly, to learn from the experience. Nobody’s expected to get things right the first time!

This concept is extremely important when it comes to Language Learning. We learn so much more when we make mistakes, than when we get things right. There is only true learning when we’re stepping outside of our comfort zone - which, by definition, will mean that we’re doing something new / different from what we’re used to. If you’re not making any “mistakes”, that means you’re not learning & growing. So the next time you feel you made a mistake, remember that you’ve just opened yourself to a new opportunity for learning - and that we at Café Culture are proud of you for it!

4. Be open to the new / unexpected!

Just like making mistakes means that we’re doing something new / unexpected - we invite you to welcome those opportunities. In our drawing lessons, Janeth encourages us to, not just try doing new things, but also be open to doing things in a different way than we’re used to. This is because, in doing so, we’re helping our mind & body expand and grow new skills that will lead to yet new discoveries, new outcomes and new perspectives.

In Language Learning, this is equivalent to being open to new & different ways of saying things. The beauty in this is that when it comes to speaking a new language, you get to pick and choose which version you’d like to use - and there’s no wrong answer! You get to tailor the message to specifically what works for you - and the result is quite fascinating and unique. Our suggestion to language learners is that you adjust this tip to match your specific needs - for example, we invite all students (regardless of level) to look at different ways of saying things. Then, if you’re just getting started with a language, we encourage you to choose the version that is going to be the easiest to remember for you. As you learn and advance in your learning, we invite you to have fun with the process and see which version best matches your personal style.

We hope that you’re finding these tips helpful and in the next few weeks, we will continue to share more tips to help you with your language learning (click here to Subscribe).

In the meantime, you’re invited to join us for any of our live Conversation Practice & Coaching sessions, as well as our weekly Let's Draw en español ✍️🇪🇸 bilingual event.

Thanks for reading and happy language learning !

< Here's Janeth's drawing

^ and here's the drawing we were able to make with her expert guidance...

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