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Bienvenido! Bienvenue! Benvenuto! Bem vindo! Welcome!

I'm so glad you came. This is the very first blog post where you can get a sense of what you'll find in this space. It will be updated periodically so be sure to check it out every once in a while...

The purpose of this blog is to provide a home where we can address frequently asked questions, provide recommendations and inspire each other in our language learning journey. For those of you who don't know me, this is me. As you can tell, I am passionate about languages and language learning and I gratefully welcome any opportunity I get to share my passion.

Here's what I plan to offer in this space:

  • Tips and tricks I've gathered over the years working with all kinds of clients

  • Inspiration to fuel your language learning motivation

  • A forum where we can interact, ask questions and share experiences

  • A safe space for you to also try your hand with languages and receive support

  • So much more...

I look forward to hearing your suggestions about ideas or topics you'd like to discuss and to building a fun and engaging community together.

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