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Hi! I'm Ileana. I live in Miami Beach and I love learning and teaching languages! I created Café Culture Languages to help students through their learning process and provide a safe, supportive and relaxed environment where they can practice and boost their confidence, while we have a great time! 

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Ileana is simply a great language teacher!

After learning Spanish on my own with Duolingo and other apps for three years, taking private Spanish lessons with Ileana over Zoom really helped me gain fluency so I could begin to converse much more easily and connect with people in my volunteer work with a local immigrant rights organization.

She knows a lot about teaching languages and came up with many resources that made learning Spanish interesting and fun. She customized every lesson to my skill level and my specific needs.

Cyndy Levy

Gwynedd, Pennsylvania

I've had a number

of French teachers through

my life and Ileana is the best.

Her combination of customization, steering toward topics that interest me, her knowledge and experience

are all exceptional.

Thanks so much for helping me.

Gary Carleton

Los Gatos, Silicon Valley, California

Making robust progress in my conversational French with Ileana. At once knowledgeable, casual, bright-spirited and canny, she can interpret my blunderings and ferret out the next grammatical knot or vocabulary item I most need to learn RIGHT NOW. I’m delighted with my improvement as well as with the congenial and cordial professionalism she brings to the Zoom screen.

Gregory Maguire

Concord, Massachusetts

As a total beginner, I started taking French classes with Cafe Culture Languages last fall and have been very happy with the program. Ileana guides her students with patience and provides tools to prepare for real-life interactions. Instead of the typical "classroom French" lessons, I learned real conversational French, as spoken by the French. I even found myself nerding out, watching French cinema and listening to French music, which helped speed up my comprehension of the language in a way that was fun and engaging. Ileana provides invaluable guidance and direction to help students progress in their language proficiency, regardless of the level of experience. 

I highly recommend Cafe Culture Languages for a uniquely fun and inspiring language class! 

Nicole Bernier

Luquillo, Puerto Rico

Ileana is truly amazing, she makes learning fun and engaging. She has amazing resources and tips & tricks up her sleeves. I love her style of teaching too! She is also very flexible and very professional to work with.

Kata Bilanchone
Miami, Florida

How fortunate I was to stumble across Cafe Culture Languages

Ileana is an exceptional teacher and coach for encouraging and supporting language learning. She tailors content to the learners and instead of a strategy to learn first and then practice, she supports progress by structuring learning through practice. 


Within a small friendly group in a relaxed environment, the sessions are customized to the needs and interests of the learners with immediate feedback, documentation and suggestions for continued practice. 


Come sail the high C’s of language learning as you grab your Coffee, join the Conversation and appreciate the Convenience of this unique and innovative method of adult learning.

Rita Sorrentino
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I have been learning Spanish with Ileana twice a week for the past 7 months with the goal of becoming fluent for business and travel. First and foremost, learning any language is challenging and it is easy to feel frustrated and lose motivation. Ileana knows exactly how to keep you on track and stay ambitious with your language goals. She is kind, understanding of what level you are at, and very patient as you work through material - she keeps you engaged and interested and you truly look forward to your next lesson. I have progressed to conversational Spanish in such a short period of time, and what's more I have been able to use my new skills in person at restaurants, in my neighborhood, and with international colleagues. I look forward to continuing my lessons for the future and I would highly recommend that anyone who has language learning goals work with Ileana and Café Culture Languages, you will be happy you did!

Eric Tobin

Los Angeles, California

Since I started weekly lessons about a year ago, my first few experiences speaking Italian were naturally difficult. But here we are 1 year later, and Ileana has taught me so much that I can keep talking for an hour!

Café Culture Languages is the place to go if you want to learn a language well in a small, friendly setting. Their lessons are tailored, relevant, and most importantly, carried out in a caring and warm manner.

You can make enormous progress on your learning goals comfortably. What’s not to like about that?

Emil Bonaduce

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

I had been learning French for a little over a year yet I felt stuck when trying to speak or write. In order to strengthen my speaking and writing skills, I ventured into group classes which is where I met Ileana. She was knowledgeable about learning languages, it was inspiring that she knew so many different languages, and she was kind to help beginners like me stumble through French phrases. Immediately I knew she would be a great teacher so I decided to sign up for 1:1 French tutoring.

Now I am more confident in speaking, writing and correcting my French!

Haylee McLean

Durham, North Carolina

For me learning Spanish is not coming along easily but I am finding it fun so that is helping me to stay consistent with lessons. Conversation is the hardest component for me and I find it intimidating. Ileana is so easy to get along with and is a special human being. Her teaching skill is obvious as well as her competence in using the Zoom format with our diction being written on documents as we talk. The conversation is tailored to your life & interests, and the vocabulary is the vocabulary you need. We are sailors so in conversation boat parts and customs are naturally in the diction. We get to have lots of laughs and ponder life’s mysteries.


Just sign up. You will not regret it.

Sally Brodrick

S.V. Malarkey, Bahamas

Just wanted to thank you for being a great teacher and guide in my Spanish journey!

You always make learning fun and present new things to me in a way that I can understand.

I appreciate that you cater to my interests and consider my real life experiences during our Spanish sessions 💚

Imani Etay

Miami Beach, Florida

I was very shy about working with an instructor to learn French, but Ileana made me feel relaxed right away. She makes learning fun! She is super impressive, too - an expert in many languages. She is supportive and encouraging and has a lot of great tips and tricks that really help. I am so happy to be working with her.

Sherry Page
Sausalito, California

Ileana is an excellent language teacher. She has a natural gift for language and for teaching it. And the sessions with her are always such a joy!

Jonathan Fraser

Memphis, Tennessee

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